Claretta & Roy Crawford

We chose Pine Meadows for Claretta. We had heard good things about the facility from family as well as other sources.

Gwen Jones & I connected immediately. She is my first shift CNA. Gwen took extra time to encourage me and show me how to do things to benefit my recovery. She played a big part in bringing me out of my shell and addressing my fear of being in a skilled nursing facility. Gwen, Brown, and Dana Thompson – my second shift aides are very sweet and understanding. They give me great care and have unlimited patience. The therapy department worked very hard to get me up and moving. They are excellent motivators. The speech therapist, Angela worked extremely hard to help me with speech and communication skills. I would get upset and cry, and she would also console me by telling me that, “everything will get better” and that I was doing a great job.

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